Our company

Taiga Bear Kuusamo Oy is a 100% Kuusamo-based company offering nature experiences, animal watching and photography.

“It’s a privilege to work in the middle of wilderness with some of the most magnificent animals in the taiga forest.”

Taiga Bear Kuusamo Oy

Our company is established in 2023. We are professional nature photographers and experienced outdoorsmen. We work with the most magnificent animals in Finnish nature.

Our values are:

  • Respect for nature. We do our work with big heart and appreciation for bears and other animals that visit our area.
  • Preserving wild nature and its biodiversity. We do our work responsibly way and carry the message of biodiversity conservation forward.
  • Cooperation and local networking. We work together with local businesses and communities and want to be part of the development of Kuusamo as Finland’s nature capital.
  • Good customer service and experience. We are focusing to customer service and satisfaction. We want to give unforgettable experience and lots of interesting information about arctic nature to our customers.


Cooperation with Oulanka National Park and Metsähallitus

We are a cooperation company with Metsähallitus and Oulanka National Park. As part of the partnership, we are committed to the principles of sustainable nature tourism.

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